terms of use

some admissions
of faults cannot
be excused;

all claims
faith must
be first understood
before they are
shot full of holes.

otherwise you’d be
emptying a barrel
into a microphone,

using a gun with a

aspiring to be inspired tomorrow

the atlas turns
on its heels.

and new guinea
escape the grasp
of the world’s oceans,
and they leap out -
just about as
as siren sounds.

their outlines writhe
and squirm in my direction
yet they never make it.

first they are silhouettes,
then the mire
we all trudge through
and finally they

yet their fractured slivers
do not lift me,
like clouds

scoured for
dust mites by a
fine-toothed comb

to the city
where the sky
indicates dusk
at noon.

I know you’re there,
waiting for the
shrouds of foul air
to disperse.

Sometimes I
muse at whether
you’ll fade into the distance
as I approach,

but my fondest
wish is that
while you might hide,
winking as you duck down
below the greatest wall
known to mankind,

you won’t run from
our age-old

no matter how
insuperable the obstacle,

no matter how
few answers there
are to your

deep breaths underwater

the glare of the
streetlight runs down upon
my vision, as
orbs of rain
occupy my windshield.

they are faucets
leaking bloodstains
all over.

i swerve and
miss a freight train
that’s just happening to
take the sidewalk.

it toots and keeps
sputtering haze
towards oncoming traffic.

dragonflies hover over
the blinking hand as it
screeches at pedestrians
to cease their 15-meter

they know
they are more beautiful
than any pelican,
any helicopter, and even
any of the men that
wear cardboard


corpse-hymns asked:

where can i download your album?


i still haven’t finished the album with the track you liked on it, but that’ll be up eventually with my other stuff at http://empyrean-s.bandcamp.com/

thanks for your support!

cease and desist

my dream
is the epilogue
to tales of bullshit
in society.

my dream
is the only
impossible dream.

faded luster (part two)

the windowpanes
show nothing
act as blinds,

with a tendency
to disregard
anything and everything
that even the gods
would envy.

kneeling, you
seem nearly bipolar,
shivering as though
in the frigid grasp
of the northern

yet in truth,
you are just

- - -

while you used to
gape at the wide
blue yonder,

now your hands embrace
the concrete.

and while you know
they will never consider
you forgive them -
but only for an instant.

you bat an eyelash.

- - -

the air
convulses in sync with
the tantrum in your head;
and then
implodes upon you.

your eyes glister;
they are sunbeams through

and you breathe
as though
the age of
is upon us.

P1: http://adieu-winter.tumblr.com/post/96028526901/faded-luster-part-one

"you can do
you just can’t do
Aviator - Pipe Dreams (from Head In The Clouds, Hands In The Dirt)

summers northwest of nowhere

the reflexes
are a back door
into what needs
no imagination.

they grasp
the glimmers
of pipe dreams

with tendons
and fractured bones
chilled to the marrow.

today our decisions
are calculated not
with sense but
by basic instincts,

and we wonder:
if we couldn’t figure it out
twelve years ago,

how could we

by default, i am sorry.

all these impositions
make my

as though
i am a slug
trudging over
a bluff made from salt,
only to land softly in
an oscillating firestorm;
an obtrusion into
hearth and home.

my choices
cannot define
those who are subjected to

I suspect they
must truly

an ambient track I managed to complete today with only a pair of broken earphones (thank you Apple).


as we alternate
our drastically bloated
and settling into
unplumbed ravines
of devastation

we always
remember -
our wits
cannot be
revived by


isn’t fair;
and then
you die.”

- my Latin teacher


the voices in my head
purr their menaces,
they live only to wait for
elbow room;
a chance to tyrannize and
thrive on my trembling hands.

a chance to stifle my cries.

i tell them
to shut up.

they don’t hear me.

but while the garble
remains - flitting around my temples
like moths to a
discolored flame -

all I perceive

faded luster (part one)

I don’t
know who you are;
I’ve never heard
your name.

I see you in hallways,
in crowds
in empty space
on stages
under ground
over air

floating upon
a sea of misconceptions;

always silent enough
that you could hear a blackbird’s feather
drop like a hailstone.

always perfect.

you waft
eyes closed
inches above the ground,
your crystalline form
trampled upon
and run through.

you were seen 
amongst others,
arrested by your disregard - of

somehow you remained
a solitary
red pinprick
on the map.

then around you
formed an
vacuum of their

a flock of
ready to dive from
their perch.

their eyes
glitter from within
the murk.